September Meeting on 9/14/2021

Please join us this month for our monthly club meeting on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 5:30 PM.

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This month’s guest speaker is Cecilia E. Ruesta (she/they), Central Valley Program Coordinator of IGNITE.

IGNITE: “Political power in every young woman”

IGNITE launched in 2010 to address the lack of women in elected office by building a pipeline of next generation leaders who are poised to flex their political power. IGNITE’s model moves young women to run and win, and it also dramatically increases their political engagement on every level. We know that programming is not enough: we need inspiring messages consistently reinforced and reflected in our culture – words which convey and compel young women to be politically motivated, and to declare their political ambition.

At IGNITE, we envision a world where young women own their political power and use their voices and unique experiences to better their communities. We’ve proven what is possible when powerful, eager young women are given the tools and resources to step up in their communities. There has never been a better time for IGNITE’s work. Please join IGNITE as we create a world where young women own their fair share of political power.

Cecilia is a passionate advocate of a variety of social issues such as gender equity, racial justice, mental health, and immigrant, queer, trans and non-binary rights. cecilia-1In the Women’s Studies program, she helped organized campus-wide campaigns to end gender discrimination, racism, and violence against womxn, non-binary folks, and children. She recently graduated with a Master’s in Family, Marriage, and Children counseling from California State University – Fresno. In her past two years as an IGNITE fellow, Cecilia engaged in a variety of events that she supported and organized with driven student leaders from campuses such as CSU – Fresno, UC Merced, and Fresno City College. She also built and fostered relationships with community leaders from the Central Valley in order to create spaces where womxn can share their stories, provide resources and tools to prepare young womxn to run for office and to empower the next generation of powerful leaders. In her role as IGNITE’s Central Valley Program Coordinator, Cecilia hopes to bring IGNITE into her community to continue to mobilize, motivate, and encourage womxn to strengthen their leadership skills and find their inner power.

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