Meeting Recap for Sept 12, 2023

If you were at last week’s meeting you know we had a couple of great speakers and several announcements and sponsorship decisions to make on upcoming events. We called to order a little late to allow the restaurant server to take our dinner orders and avoid interruptions during our agenda.

We had over 15 attendees in person at Los Amigos Restaurant and several connected on Zoom. Also in the room we had Matthew Gillian, candidate for City Council, and SCCCD Trustee Magdelana Gomez.

Minutes were not available due to a technical issue and will be available at the next meeting.

Monte reported for the Treasurer’s Report that we have $3,335.52 in our checking account.

Vice President Marsha Conant gave a report on recent and upcoming events.

Terry Stasio explained the proposed bylaws that were included on the agenda for consideration. Motions were made and seconded for both items and passed by majority vote of members present, including members on Zoom. In summary, the three bylaws that called for a 30 day notice or waiting period have been changed to 28 days; the second item added that in special elections where there was only one democratic candidate the club could endorse that candidate without having to announce an endorsement meeting.

Another call for nominations of a new treasurer was made but there were no interested members at this time. If you know someone that would be willing to step up for this volunteer position please refer them to us via email or ask them to attend our October meeting.

Volunteers are needed to work the Fresno County Democratic Party’s table at the Big Fresno Fair this October 4th through the 15th! Click here for more information or click here to sign up for a shift and get a free ticket to the fair:

Member Cathy Brass spoke about the Democratic Headquarters and the financial challenges it’s facing. Donations and volunteers to run the office are urgently needed to keep things going. One-time or recurring monthly donations can be made here:

Gender Euphoria is coming up on September 23 (THIS Saturday) at 6:00 pm at Fresno City College in the Old Admin Building. This dinner and talent night is a fundraiser hosted by Trans-E-Motion. Tickets are $35 for individuals and $250 (plus Eventbrite fees) for a table of 10. FSD voted to sponsor a table of 10 and started a signup list of attendees at this meeting to fill those seats. If you’re interested in joining us please contact Terry to see if there are any more seats available at the club’s table. Click here for flyer. You can purchase individual tickets or donate to the organization here:

Rainbow Wonderland Garden Party at Gazebo Gardens is coming up on October 15 at 6:00 pm. Proceeds benefit the LGBTQ2+ Studies Endowed Scholarship Fund. The club also voted to be a sponsor of this event at the $250 “Pride Blue” level. This includes four seats at the event and sponsorship recognition in media and the program. Click here to purchase your own tickets ($30) or see the flyer: page 1 page 2

Trunk Or Treat is an annual event for the whole family, hosted by Fresno Rainbow Pride, a project of Community Link. There will be treats, a game area, prizes, vendors, and more. Last year’s event was very well attended and is a family event that everyone can come to. It will be held at 1444 C Street in Fresno on October 15 from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm.  Click here for the flyer.

Special Guest Speaker: Marsha introduced our Special Guest Speaker Evan Minton who is a candidate for Assembly District 6. A bio was included in our previous meeting announcement and you can click here to access a copy of it. See Evan’s website for additional information about his accomplishments and campaign information.

Visiting Candidate: Terry introduced Matthew Gillian, candidate for City Council District 2. Matthew spoke about the non-profit organization Inspiration Transportation he founded and how it helped and inspired him to move forward with his campaign. A new website for his campaign in is development. You can contact him by email at Mr. Gillian has also completed our club questionnaire and is asking to be considered for endorsement.

Live Auction: Cathy Brass also brought a cute vase with a small cactus / succulent and there was fierce bidding that went on between a few members, even one on Zoom, until we arrived at the winning bid of $110. All money will go to support office expenses of the Fresno County Democratic Party.

Our next meeting will be October 10th when we will have IDC Fresno‘s Empress I & IV Jesse Villalobos! Please attend this special meeting to hear about Jesse’s live and his involvement in starting a Court chapter here in Fresno.

General Meeting September 12th at 5:30 PM

This month FSD has announcements to make about important upcoming events, possible sponsorships, and bylaw changes. With State and Local elections around the corner, we are making efforts to bring you candidates that you’ll likely want to hear from.

This Tuesday we will have Matthew Gillian, candidate for Fresno City Council District 2. Matthew has completed our Questionnaire (click here to view or download) and will be in person at the meeting to talk about his campaign.

Our Featured Speaker this month is Evan Minton, candidate for Assembly District 6 (via Zoom)

EVAN has served as a policy advocate to expand access to health care, including mental health care; as a legislative aide protecting voting rights and safeguarding workers’ rights; and as a national trailblazer fighting for the rights of the transgender community. (click here for more about Evan Minton)


Everyone is invited to order dinner and/or drinks during our social and “hot topic” segment starting at 5:30 pm. At 6:00 pm we call the meeting to order and proceed with our agenda and speakers. If you have additions to the agenda, speaker suggestions, or announcements to be included at the meeting please send them to

Clovis City Council seeking to ban books

[Email from Jennifer Cruz at Fresno EOC LGBTQ+ Resource Center]

For concerned Valley residents, especially Clovis residents, employees and parents, please show up for the Clovis City Council meeting, TOMORROW, Tuesday, September 5th, at 6 p.m. to make public comments regarding the agenda item (#20) added by Councilwoman Pearce. She is working to lobby the Clovis City Council to send a letter to the Fresno County Board of Supervisors about her concerns over LGBTQ books and Pride month displays in county libraries.

“20. Consider Approval – Letter to Fresno County Regarding Library Concerns from the Community.”

These displays have been available in Fresno County libraries for many years and this year some leaders have made this an issue of “protecting the children” which has resulted in harassment of some Fresno County Library staff and fueled hateful rhetoric against the LGBTQ+ community. It is important to start showing up in larger numbers to oppose policies and potential ordinances that could hurt our community. In May of this year, the BOS proposed an ordinance restricting the flying of any flag that is not the US, California, or POW flag at Fresno County Buildings. They passed this 5-0 in June 2023, with almost no opposition from the public, stopping any flying of a Pride flag.

The Council Chamber is open to the public for Council Meetings. If you wish to speak to the Council on an item by telephone, you should contact the City Clerk at (559) 324-2060 no later than 4:00 p.m. the day of the meeting.


EMAIL MAYOR & Clovis City Council here:

If we can show up in Clovis and voice our concerns then maybe no letter will be sent to BOS and they can leave the libraries alone moving forward. Councilwoman Pearce has made many problematic statements in her position at Clovis City Council meetings and has been supported by Fresno City Councilman Garry Bredefield, who will be trying to move to BOS in 2024. We will have to stay current with that board and communicate if they do try to make policies opposing pride displays in the future–which is a concern given that some of those board members were touring libraries last June and making an issue of the displays.

We are asking anyone who can attend TOMORROW night’s meeting to do so and help tell the Clovis City Council that we oppose the writing of any letter to the BOS that will try to reduce the visibility of the LGBTQ community in the future. Key points could include reasons it is important to increase visibility, especially for Queer youth who often feel isolated, have higher rates of depression, anxiety, suicide, and are often lacking familial support.

Our agreed-upon “message to the council” today was that decreasing visibility in public county libraries does more harm than good to youth in our community. And, the divisive nature of Councilwoman Pearce’s narrative makes our whole community less safe from harm, harassment, and discrimination. Folks can text “Advocate” to 559-862-1040 for text updates of future advocacy opportunities.