One House Democrat not co-sponsoring Equality Act

House Dems just introduced a comprehensive LGBTQ civil rights bill. Every Democrat was an original co-sponsor…except Dan Lipinski.

Lipinski is from a bright blue Illinois district Hillary Clinton won by 15%. Yet he’s Co-Chair of the Pro-Life Caucus, opposed Obamacare, opposes a $15 minimum wage, and voted with Republicans to gut Wall Street regulations and lower student debt.

Progressive Marie Newman came 1% away from defeating Lipinski in the 2018 primary — and she’s aiming to finish the job in 2020.

But according to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s new blacklist policy, if a progressive consultant wants to stand up for LGBTQ rights by working to defeat Lipinski AND wants to help flip 5 more red districts blue in 2020, the DCCC says: Thanks, but no thanks. We won’t hire you if you help a primary challenger.

Can you help fight back by chipping in $3 to Marie Newman’s campaign and our work to support bold progressives like her all across the country? Click here.

The Human Rights Campaign says: “Lipinski has the shameful distinction of being the worst-scoring Democrat in the U.S. House and Senate.” With your help, we and Marie Newman will stand up for justice and defeat him…and show the DCCC how wrong their policy is.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— The PCCC Team