Monthly Meeting: Tuesday 3/9/2021

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Guest speakers this month:

Later this month is the International Trans Day of Visibility and we will have Zayn Anthony (He/Him/His), recently elected Chair of Trans-E-Motion, to speak with us about it. After Zayn we have Michael Evans here to talk to us about important redistricting issues…

Zayn Anthony (He/Him/His) is the current 2021 Chair for Trans- E- Motion and served on the board last year as a Member At Large. He also holds the 2018 title of “Mr. Tranz Fresno For Life,” through the Imperial Dove Court of Fresno, and was 1st Alternate in the Mister California USofA MI drag king pageant in 2013. With or without the titles, sashes and crowns, Zayn is an educator, activist and community leader, and is constantly thinking of new ways to help our LGB and specifically the “T” community and allies of all ages through fundraising, workshops and events.

Michael D. Evans currently serves as the chair of the Central California Coalition for Equitable Realignment (CCCFER), which is an organization monitoring the redistricting process of legislative bodies in the Central Valley. He is also a board member of Leadership for Jobs and a New Economy (LJANE), the Central Valley Partnership (CVP) and the Central Valley Progressive PAC. Moreover, he is on the Editorial Board of the Community Alliance newspaper.

Michael has served on community groups advocating for immigration rights, women’s rights, the homeless and civility in media. For the 2020 election, Michael was an area director for the Central Valley with the California Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaign. He previously was chair of the Fresno County Democratic Party (FCDP) for 10 years also serving as a delegate to the Democratic State Central Committee and a representative to the California Democratic Party E-Board. (see attachment for a more extensive bio)

Endorsement Meeting:
CADEM Officer and Regional Director Elections are coming up in April. We will be voting to endorse CADEM candidates at this meeting. Club members in good standing and who have been a member for at least 30 days prior to this meeting may participate in the voting process.

Updates & Presentations:
Myra will give us results of the AD Elections, Tyler will update us on the Tower Theater issue, and James Martinez will give us new information on the project to honor Zoyer Zyndel. Committee Reports will be given by our legislative and fundraising committees.

Changes & Updates to “Legislation & PAC Reports”

We’ve made some additions to our Legistlative Committee’s report section here on our website. At this time we’ve included all previous reports in a downloadable PDF format. We’ve also added some links near the top with useful and informative information such as selected YouTube videos to educate you on political processes, a link to our party’s platform documents, a list of LGBTQ congress members, and a downloadable list of all U.S. Senators and their contact information.

Let us know what other changes you’d like to see on our website!