Fresno Stonewall Democrats are pleased to announce the following endorsements of candidates in upcoming electoral races:

Phil Arballo for California Congressional District 22 (CD-22)

T.J. Cox for California Congressional District 21 (CD-21)

Tyler Maxwell for Fresno City Council District 4

Candidates seeking endorsement from Fresno Stonewall Democrats need to complete the attached questionnaire and follow instructions on the form. Completed questionnaires will be distributed at meetings and may be made publicly available on our website to educate voters.

Completed Questionnaires:

Below are completed questionnaires from candidates being considered for endorsement by Fresno Stonewal Democrats. The selection process for endorsements will take place at our December 10, 2019 meeting. Candidates receive an endorsement with a 60% vote by members in attendance at that meeting.

Click the link “FileName_…_2020” to read the PDF in your browser (onscreen) or click the Download button if you want to download a copy.

Local Races:

Congressional Races:

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