Riding with the sign of the times

Riding with the sign of the times

Stonewall_Inn_1969On Saturday, June Shirts 6th, The Fresno Pride Parade and Festival, Sponsored by Community Link, celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. Fresno Stonewall my… Democrats have participated in the Parade and Festival every year since we were founded in Collect 2001. This year we continued with that commitment with a parade entry that emphasized both this year’s theme CEREALES, and our historic roots. This year’s parade theme was “Remembering…Riots! Rebellion! Revolution! Our entry featured a large replica of the original Stonewall Inn sign that hung vertically in front of the bar in Greenwich Village in New York City where the Stonewall Riots began on Democrats June 28, 1969.

About Fresno Stonewall Democrats

Fresno Stonewall Democrats was founded in 2001 to promote equal rights for all among Democrats in the Central Valley area.

Annual dues are $20. Additional contributions are welcome. Send checks to Fresno Stonewall Democrats, 5965 E. Shields Ave. #170, Fresno, CA 93727.  You may join using the PayPal or Act Blue links in the right hand column of this page.

logo-fist“Prior to that summer there was little public expression of the lives and experiences of gays and lesbians. The Stonewall Riots marked the beginning of the gay liberation movement that has transformed the oppression of gays and lesbians into calls for pride and action. In the past twenty-five years we have all been witness to an astonishing flowering of gay culture that has changed this country and beyond, forever.”

– Ken Harlin on the 25th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in NYC.


(Rainbow fist courtesy of Bryan Beckstrand, Woodpecker Studios,