Maloney Succeeds in Removing Anti-LGBT Russell Amendment from Final NDAA Bill

After GOP Leadership Rigged Vote, Maloney Fought Back as NDAA Conference Committee Conferee In June, Speaker Ryan Abandoned Regular Order After Maloney Amendment Passed House Washington – Months after engaging in one of the most controversial floor fights in recent memory, Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus Co-Chair and National Defense Authorization …

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California State Legislators Courage Scores

The People’s Report Card of California . Find any California Stat Representative’s Courage Score. Sadly, a huge number of Democrats get an ‘F’ score and some Republicans score better than our so-called Democratic allies who we spend so much time and effort to put into office.

Bring Back “No Exit”

Our production of No Exit, a play written by Jean-Paul Sarte, was unfortunately shut down a few hours before our second performance. This show is read at our school in senior literature, and yet is somehow unfit for the stage despite us modifying it to make it more appropriate. After …

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UPDATE: Chelsea Manning to be Freed!

On 17 January 2017, United States President Barack Obama commuted much of the sentence of Chelsea Manning, the former Army soldier turned whistleblower who was convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands of pages of classified information and disseminating them through WikiLeaks in 2010. The material included a video showing members …

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