Sign the Pledge to Stand Against Anti-LGBTQ Moves in Congress!

Members of Congress who oppose equal treatment for LGBTQ Americans are at it again: This week a group of Senators reintroduced the so-called “First Amendment Defense Act,” a deceptively titled bill that does nothing to protect the First Amendment and instead is designed to discriminate against LGBTQ Americans.
FADA would pave the way for government contractors receiving federal funding, including hundreds of social service providers, to turn away people or deny them benefits simply because they object to the composition of their family. This includes same-sex couples, unmarried couples, and single parents.
Let’s be clear: Freedom of religion is one of our most fundamental and cherished values, but that freedom doesn’t give anyone the right to harm others. This new federal legislation is just the latest attempt to turn back the clock and enshrine discrimination against LGBTQ people and many others.
It’s time to take a stand. Join us in strong opposition to FADA by clicking here and signing a pledge to push against this insidious federal bill. We’ll keep you posted on everything you can do to fight back.

The bill is intentionally confusing, and its sponsors are trying to characterize it as harmless – but in reality, it is an attempt to chip away at LGBTQ dignity and create a broad “License to Discriminate.” They’ve needed to soften some of the language because in recent years Americans across the ideological spectrum are taking a stand against discriminatory proposals like never before.
Just consider the tremendous mobilization against North Carolina’s HB2 and President Trump’s anti-transgender military ban, the uproar following a Mississippi city’s attempt to prohibit a Pride Parade, and the national celebration when New Hampshire’s Republican-led House voted in favor of comprehensive non-discrimination protections for transgender people, just days ago!
But softer, confusing language doesn’t change what’s at the heart of this bill: Discrimination. We need to call out anti-LGBTQ discrimination for what it is, every single time. Can you join us and do just that by adding your name to our pledge against the “First Amendment Defense Act”? Click here to sign.

Thank you,
Masen Davis
CEO, Freedom for All Americans

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